Kraftwerk Engineers Private Limited offers consulting in respect of maintenance and operating problems of Thermal Power Plants.


    Capital Overhaul

  • Blast cleaning of turbine rotors & internals
  • Prepare quality plan & record measurements, which will form basis for repair, correction and revision during the course of overhaul
  • NDT of critical components
  • Repair / refurbishment / replacement of worn out & damaged components
  • Repair of cracks on turbine rotor & casing
  • Correction of deformation of casing parting plane
  • Total replacement steam sealing fins on rotor and casing
  • Reaming and honing of coupling holes
  • Rebucketing of rotor and balancing of rotor
  • Repair and refurbishment of guide wheel vanes
  • Overhaul of hydraulic and mechanical governing system
  • Mini Overhaul

  • Inspection of bearings, MPT, DPT & UT
  • Over haul of control valves, emergency stop valves, extraction valves & servo system
  • Correction of alignment of turbine rotors & generator rotors
  • Overhaul of governing system


  • Inspection of stator & rotor
  • Check wedge tightness & carry wedge tightening
  • Conduct electrical tests on stator winding, stator core & rotor winding
  • Removal of rotor retaining ring, inspection & reassembly
  • Dry out of stator & rotor and epoxy painting
  • Revision of bearings and hydrogen seals
  • Revision of generator terminals
  • Revision of generator hydrogen/air coolers


  • Overhaul rotating Machines (FD, ID, PA Fans)
  • Overhaul of fuel firing system and air pre-heater
  • Water jet cleaning of boiler heat transfer area
  • Thickness survey of water wall, super heater, & economizer tubes
  • Overhaul of valves and safety valves


  • Revision of boiler feed water pumps
  • Revision of condensate extraction pump
  • Circulating water pumps
  • Turbine starting oil pumps
  • Auxiliary and emergency oil pumps

Condenser and Heat Exchanger

  • Re-tubing of condenser & heat exchanger including repair to tube sheet joints
  • High-pressure water jet cleaning of tubes

Spare Part Management & Refurbishment

  • Supply of blades for steam turbines and compressors
  • Supply of blades for diaphragms, nozzles segments, diaphragms, etc
  • Supply of critical components of turbine like, shroud bands, notch blocks & lock pins
  • Turbine bearing oil deflector & steam gland seals
  • Boiler feed pump spares, pump rotors, high pressure discharge head, wear rings, bearings, etc.
  • The spares and components are manufactured as per drawing supplied by customer or drawings made through Reverse Engineering from the sample